Hey there! My name is Igor Starodub and I’m a creative designer from Ukraine.

My career began in 2008 when I was a beginning party promoter. My group needed a design, and being a university student of Graphic Design I decided to do it myself. Fulfilling the task I understood that it was the job I was eager to do in future. I worked for some companies. I began as a Junior Designer and my last position was a Creative Director.

I did all kinds of graphic design and now my preference is web-design because I’m fond of the very process.I don’t only like to create a picture but want to take part in all the stages of design and guide the technical part of product development. I’m satisfied when I see the result corresponding to all aesthetic demands.

My experience include a wide range of different projects: gigantic platforms as well as micro sites, image building sites as well as.  Some of my clients are Fergie, DS Kholed, Demi Lovato, Sothebys, Uman Beer, Tati, Dock, Vanguard etc. The examples of my best works you can see at this site.

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Experience Design
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Video Production
Motion Design
Social Media Design
3d visualization
Technical Requirements
Website Design
Website Development
Mobile Development
User Experience

In any project my aim is not to dance to the market’s tune, but to model it and enhance its quality level. I do my best to keep balance between usability, esthetics and content. I try to create sites where all the details are unique. To keep pace with the times I regularly take part in prestigious competitions.

  • 3x Awwwards
  • 3x CSS Design Awards
  • 18x Behance